Remedy CMS partners with the most popular software service providers in the healthcare industry to provide complete solutions to our medical clients. Our solutions engineering and marketing teams are well-versed in all of the healthcare-focused tools that major practices use to build their digital toolkits. Through our partnerships and integrations, we can help you plan, configure and operate a complete digital solution for your practice that optimizes your internal practice management workflows, increases patient engagement and grows your brand online - all while maintaining HIPAA compliance. 

Either in a consulting or advisory role, or as a direct integrator, our team can help your practice select, implement and optimize all of the software services you need to operate an effective, efficient and growth-oriented web platform for your medical group while maintaining appropriate compliance and security. 

We work with the tools you use to manage your practice. If we do not have an existing integration with a preferred solution, our custom engineering team can add it. We continually evaluate market trends, emerging solutions providers and changes in laws, behaviors and usage to ensure our Remedy CMS remains at the forefront of modern healthcare website and digital marketing technology. 

Our Healthcare Technology Partnerships & Integrations


Appointment Scheduling

Remedy CMS can be configured to work with your preferred appointment scheduling software either by way of direct-links, embedded scheduling forms, or API integrations. We have experience with Epic MyChart implementations, DASH scheduling by Radix, DexCare and more.

Secure Payments & Forms

We'll help your practice ensure HIPAA compliance by working with you to select the appropriate provider of secure forms for patient registration, payments and scheduling. 

Email Marketing & Call Tracking

Your Remedy CMS website will operate as a powerful lead-generation tool to help you build contact lists for email marketing as well as enhance your services and patient experiences through call tracking and monitoring.

Reputation Management

We offer direct integrations with all popular online reputation management services for healthcare. With simple one-field setups to assign your Location and Provider reputation system IDs, we can display all of your ratings and reviews directly on your web pages.


While all Remedy CMS websites include Accessibility Tools out of the box, we recommend accessiBe's accessibility service to all medical clients because of their focus on compliance, litigation support, adherence to WCAG and ADA guidelines and commitment to providing the best accessibility interface available.