Our latest healthcare partner website has launched for Envision Dental Implants. Envision is a specialized treatment option for full-arch dental implants provided by oral surgery and prosthodontist teams. Powered by our Remedy CMS healthcare website management platform, Envision’s new website delivers a custom, patient-focused digital experience that focuses on both engagement and education.

EnvisionDentalImplants.com | Powered by Remedy CMS

Project Overview

As a highly specialized treatment option, Envision Dental Implants operates somewhat uniquely in that it’s not a traditional healthcare practice; rather, it’s an informational site for a particular treatment that can be performed at a number of different oral surgery practices. Our project management team worked with Envision’s key marketing stakeholders to plan a content & messaging strategy, user experience, and site layout that accomplishes the challenge of both educating prospective patients on what the Envision treatment offers as well as prompts interested patients to schedule a consultation or book an appointment. This required developing a completely custom design and doing some customization of our Remedy CMS platform to support the unique look and feel of the new Envision website.

Platform Configuration

While the Envision website leverages many of the built-in features and utilities of our Remedy CMS platform - such as provider profile management, office location management, specialties & services landing pages, patient resources & education, etc - there were some areas that required a bit of customization to effectively present Envision’s content and messaging. We rebuilt our Testimonial and Photo Gallery components to support Envision’s need for before-and-after image pairings, video content, and reviews integrations. We customized our front-end layouts to present Envision’s patient success stories in a compelling way that matches the life-changing nature of the Envision implant procedure.

Custom Features

Given that the Envision procedure is a dramatic, life changing cosmetic improvement to the patient’s smile, the website needed to present that same sense of life-improving transformation. We accomplished this through a custom website design that leverages video, motion, large photography and streamlined messaging. We also developed integrations with Envision’s scheduling forms and review management tools powered by Birdeye. We customized our Remedy CMS backend to match Envision’s content needs with easy to manage content controllers for all of their core information and patient success story rich media.


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