E-dreamz is excited to announce our latest website launch for Flagship Specialty Partners. Flagship is unique in that they’re a practice management group that handles operational, marketing and administrative duties for a number of oral and facial surgery practices. Flagship’s new website is a custom corporate site powered by our Remedy CMS healthcare website management platform.

FlagshipSpecialtyPartners.com | Powered by Remedy CMS

Project Overview

The Flagship Specialty Partners corporate website features a fully custom design, customized CMS and unique, custom-built page layouts. All this customization was driven by the unique nature of Flagship’s business model. Flagship differs from the typical Remedy CMS client in that their corporate website isn’t a healthcare website, per se. It doesn’t have the typical content types of providers, locations, etc. Rather, the target audience for their website is practice managers and prospective partners instead of patients. As such, we had to plan, craft and deliver an entirely bespoke web experience for the flagshipspecialtypartners.com website to meet Flagship’s needs.

Platform Configuration

While still leveraging our Remedy CMS platform, our design and development team did a lot of reconfiguration to match our CMS to Flagship’s content and user experience needs. This required first stripping out any unnecessary components or content controllers to ensure a clean, easy to navigate administrative experience on the content management backend, while also planning and custom-coding new, unique components for Flagship’s Partners listings and Careers manager along with other custom page layouts. Once the architecture was set, our creative team then designed a completely custom look and feel to match Flagship’s branding, identity and digital experience.

Custom Features

As a practice management company that handles administrative duties for its partner practices, one of Flagship’s core services is staffing. The Flagship corporate website needed a job listing manager that could power all job postings for all practices under the Flagship umbrella. Our solutions engineering team worked with Flagship’s HR and Marketing teams to plan, develop and implement a custom careers management component that allows for individual job postings to be categorized by job type and location and also assigned to individual oral surgery practices. We then created filterable and direct-link landing pages branded distinctly as each individual practice to allow Flagship to provide individualized job listing pages to their practices while still managing all open positions from one central controller on their corporate website.


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