We’re excited to announce the latest digital property launched into our Remedy CMS network - Rockcliff Oral Surgery. Rockcliff is an oral and maxillofacial surgery practice with multiple office locations in the mountains of western North Carolina. Our Remedy CMS platform is an ideal fit for this high-performing, fast-growing healthcare organization.

Rockcliff Oral Surgery | Powered by Remedy CMS

Project Overview

As is often the case with healthcare websites built on the WordPress platform, Rockcliff came to us with a bevy of technical issues they needed to resolve. Everything from HIPAA compliance to website administration needed to be improved and enhanced for Rockcliff. Our solutions engineering team worked with Rockcliff’s stakeholders to evaluate their entire digital toolkit so that we could plan and deliver an engagement that provided Rockcliff with not only a great website but also a technical support package that ensures longevity, scalability, compliance and competitive advantage for their brand.

Platform Configuration

Rockcliff was an ideal fit for the enterprise version of our Remedy CMS platform. With numerous physical office locations, dozens of physicians and providers, content-rich services pages, categorized patient resources, appointment scheduling integrations, and other patient-focused content sets, the project was largely an exercise in organization, navigation, patient experience, and content management. Our team helped Rockcliff organize and streamline their backlog of content into a new, intuitive, easy to navigate digital experience that is designed to enhance the Rockcliff brand, increase patient engagement, and ensure compliance with all data transfer on the website.

Custom Features

The Rockcliff website features several unique customizations, mostly centered around integration for their stack of digital tools. We built custom CMS controllers and page layouts for Rockcliff’s patient registration forms, patient referral forms, general appointment request forms, and review management tools. We also assisted Rockcliff with the transfer, migration and import-export of their GTM accounts and containers as well as technical support for the integration and setup of their call tracking services.


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