Many of our healthcare clients use appointment scheduling tools such as MyChart by Epic, DASH by Radix Health, Phreesia appointment scheduling or scheduling through DexCare. Regardless of the platform, there’s always a need to sync Provider profile elements within the scheduling platform with data from the website.

While we’ve always worked with scheduling integrations to help build seamless experiences that improve patient workflows and automate administrative activities for our healthcare clients, one challenge that we recently faced was related to minimizing manual interaction with doctor and provider photos.

Our Remedy CMS makes updating images a cinch. Where new headshots or in-clinic photography is available for any given physician, therapist, practitioner or specialist in your healthcare org, adding that new photography or replacing existing headshots on the website profile is a quick and simple task.

The process of getting those new headshot photos to sync with off-site utilities like appointment scheduling software, however, is typically a tedious manual task of either uploading the same image to the scheduling platform or updating the image path link within the platform configuration.

The challenge E-dreamz sought to solve for with our Remedy CMS platform was to create a way to use a single static image path for each Provider that would always link to that provider’s current most recently uploaded photo. This would allow us to define a single URL that would never need to change within the scheduling platform that would always pull the associated doctor’s most recent profile photo from the website to ensure a seamless experience from the website profile view to the scheduling view.

The specific test-case we were building for was an integration with MyChart from Epic, but we approached our programming with the goal of creating a solution that would work for any scheduling platform.

Our solution was to use each provider’s unique scheduling ID - in this case an Epic ID, but populated by an admin field in our Remedy CMS that could be any ID from any scheduling software platform. This allows each provider to have a dedicated path set up from the start, that will never change, following the unique identifier established for that provider in the scheduling system.

The ultimate URL looked something like:

Through our custom component export controller, we were then able to provider Epic an export of every provider set up on the website with all associated information and a static URL path for their photo that would never need to change. This allowed for a one-time setup action within Epic that would never necessitate manually changing or synchronizing any provider’s photo; all photo updates would happen automatically from the Remedy CMS.

While it may not seem like a major feature, the time saved through these types of simple automations is invaluable to administrators who often get bogged down with tedious sync issues.

Our static image URL solution is now available to any and all Remedy CMS users that could benefit from having those paths set up in their scheduling software.


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